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Welcome to our new members: Gino De Nobili, Alessio Noro Rossi, Boyko Iliev, Adriano Premoselli, Rino Borace, Damiano Noro Rossi.

IK1RKN – MDXC #770 Gino De Nobili from Mondovì (Cn) Italy;

IZ0UIM – MDXC #771 Alessio Noro Rossi from Piglio (Fr) Italy;

LZ1QN – MDXC #772 Boyko Iliev from Burgas (Bulgaria);

IK2GNW – MDXC #773 Adriano Premoselli from Cisliano (Mi), Italy;

IK7JTF – MDXC #774 Rino Borace from Cellamare (Ba), Italy;

IZ0UIL – MDXC #775 Damiano Noro Rossi from Piglio (Fr), Italy.

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