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Welcome to our new members: Helmut Heindl, Virginio Biangi, Mate Caljkusic, Vittorio Ortiz, Massimo Gagliardi, Alberto Baldovin.

HS0ZIV – MDXC #776 Helmut Heindl from Thailand;

IZ5EKV – MDXC #777 Virginio Biagi from Impruneta (Fi) Italy;

9A6JOY – MDXC #778 Mate Caljkusic from Croatia;

IZ7XVG – MDXC #779 Vittorio Ortiz from Bari, Italy;

IW2NOO – MDXC #780 Massimo Gagliardi from Germignaga (Va), Italy;

IK3GID – MDXC #781 Alberto Baldovin from Sedico (Bl) Italy.

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