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Welcome to our new members: John C. Weston, Adriano Gugliucci, Paolo Zaffi, Benaissa Menouer, Mohammad Ayub Suhaili, Junc Traian Adrian, Michele Minguzzi, Roberto Guidetti, Sergio Ramponi, Luca Zottino, Roslan Dambong, Fadhlina Bakar, Mohammad Amali Hamdan, Stefano Vannucci, Alesandro Rinaldi.

VK3NRW – MDXC #789 John C. Weston from Australia;

I1ZEU – MDXC #790 Adriano Gugliucci from Torrazza Piemonte (To), Italy;

I4EWH – MDXC #791 Paolo Zaffi from Ravenna, Italy;

7X2JV – MDXC # 792 Benaissa Menouer from Algeria;

K5MT – MDXC #266 J. Merle Elson change the callsign (ex N6PYN );

V85TX – MDXC #793 Mohammad Ayub Suhaili from Brunei;

Y05OBA – MDXC # 794 Junc Traian Adrian from Romania;

IZ4GWE – MDXC #795 Michele Minguzzi from Torri (Ra), Italy;

I5KG – MDXC #796 Roberto Guidetti from Altopascio (Lu), Italy;

IK2FDV – MDXC #797 Sergio Ramponi from Sondrio, Italy;

IZ3QHB – MDXC 798 Luca Zottino from Mogliano Veneto (Tv), Italy;

V85AVE – MDXC #799 Roslan Dambong from Brunei;

V89FD – MDXC #800 Fadhlina Bakar from Brunei;

V89FA – MDXC #801 Mohammad Amali Hamdan from Brunei;

IW5BT – MDXC #802 Stefano Vannucci from Momigno (Pt), Italy;

IZ1MRO – MDXC #803 Alessandro Rinaldi from Tronzano Vercellese (VC), Italy.

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