Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members: Simone Sarti, Vincenzo Catania, Eraldo Lucente, Declan Sheehan, Yeu Bin Go, Lars Roksund, Marco Ferrante, Peppino Tarquini.

IK5RUN – MDXC #400 Simone Sarti from Sesto Fiorentino (Fi), Italy;

IT9ECQ – MDXC #813 Vincenzo Catania from Trapani, Italy;

IZ0FYW – MDXC #814 Eraldo Lucente from Sora (Fr), Italy;

EI4GJB – MDXC #815 Declan Sheehan from Ireland;

9M6YBG – MDXC #816 Yen Bin Go from Est Malaysia;

LB2TB – MDXC #817 Lars Roksund from Norway;

PJ7MF – MDXC #818 Marco ferrante from Sint Maarten Island;

IZ6CLN – MDXC #819 Peppino Tarquini from Corropoli (Te), Italy.

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  1. Anatoly says:

    Hi! In the on-line LOG A63HI error.
    I worked CW , and in the LOG – SSB.
    I think so many. Fix please!
    73! UA1OIW