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Welcome to our new members: Marco Pernarella, Silvio Coppa, Pierluigi Marsella, Ermanno De Santis, Leone Zuena, Michele Farignoli, Franco Tomi, Mauro Santus.

IW0FUW – MDXC #820 Marco Pernarella from Monte San Biagio (Lt), Italy;

IZ0GIA – MDXC #821 Silvio Coppa from Monte San Biagio (Lt), Italy;

IZ0YJM – MDXC #822 Pierluigi Marsella from Terracina (Lt), Italy;

IZ0RRN – MDXC #823 Ermanno De Santis from Terracina (Lt), Italy;

IW0GFS – MDXC #824 Leone Zuena from Fondi (Lt), Italy;

IZ0AON – MDXC #825 Michele Farignoli from Fondi (Lt), Italy;

IZ5YHD – MDXC #651 Franco Tomi from Piombino (Li), Italy;

HB9FBG – MDXC #826 Mauro Santus from Switzerland;

Furthermore, we inform you that for their commitment to the Club, starting from 01.01.2013 the members listed below are assigned the following new identification numbers:

IZ7FLP new number #010; IZ7GXB new number #067; IK3QAR new number #071; IZ0HTW new number #080;

This wants to be as recognition for work carried to date.

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