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Welcome to our new members: Guglielmo Labriola, Giuseppe Russo, Emilio Gualtieri, Norbert Meyer, Carlo Avallone, Enzo Cuppone, Enrico Pardossi.

HB9TUL – MDXC #827  Guglielmo Labriola from Switzerland;

IZ0LNP – MDXC #828 Giuseppe Russo from Formia (Lt), Italy;

IZ8VYU – MDXC #829 Emilio Gualtieri from Colle D ‘Anchise (Bn), Italy;

DJ7JC – MDXC #830 Norbert Meyer from Germany;

IZ0EGC – MDXC #831 Carlo Avallone from Itri (Lt), Italy;

IT9GCG – MDXC #441 Enzo Cuppone from Catania, Italy;

IZ5WTV – MDXC #548 Enrico Pardossi from Fornacette (Pi), Italy.

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