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Welcome to our new members: Paolo Bressan, Armando Cricchio, Samir Demachkie, Antonio D’ Abrosca, Luca Vicinelli.

IV3BCA – MDXC #843 Paolo Bressan from Gradisca d’Isonzo (GO), Italy;

IZ1LEK – MDXC #844 Armando Cricchio from Bianzè (Vc), Italy;

IW0HQU – MDXC #845 Samir Demachkie from Rieti, Italy;

IZ8IQL – MDXC #846 Antonio D’Abrosca from Grazzanise (Ce), Italy;

IW2OEF -MDXC #847 Luca Vicinelli from Sondrio, Italy.

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