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Welcome to our new members: Janos Kakuk, Luigi Carnevale, Luciano Blasi, Antonello D’ Agosto, Antonio Morinelli, Mauro Bernini, Gianluca Fiandanese, Gabriele Del Sonno.

HA8TI – MDXC #886 Janos Kakuk from Hungary;

IZ4GOL – MDXC #887 Luigi Carnevale from Ferrara, Italy;

I0JBL – MDXC #888 Luciano Blasi from Campagnano (Rm), Italy;

IW8EEL – MDXC #889 Antonello D’Agosto from Ascea (Sa), Italy;

IK8MRD -MDXC #890 Antonio Morinelli from Omignano scalo (Sa), Italy;

IZ2QGB -MDXC #891 Mauro Bernini from Saronno (Va), Italy;

IZ7SKY -MDXC #892 Gianluca Fiandanese from San Giovanni Rotondo (Fg), Italy;

SWL I05903-MI – MDXC #893 Gabriele Del Sonno from Milano, Italy.

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