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Welcome to our new members Andrea Porotto, Salvatore Sasso, Ruggero Ghisolfi, Davis Thomas, Alessandro Merolli, Andy Morelli Jr.

IZ1PNT – MDXC #262 Andrea Porotto from Fresonara (Al) – Italy;

IC8SQS – MDXC #330 Salvatore Sasso from Ischia is. (Na) – Italy;

IK2PZC – MDXC #674 Ruggero Ghisolfi from Novate Milanese (Mi) Italy;

K4CA – MDXC #675 Davis Thomas from AL  U.S.A;

IW0HQE – MDXC #676 Alessandro Merolli from Rome Italy;

AB8BT – MDXC #677 Andy Morelli Jr. from MI U.S.A.

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