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Welcome to our new members: Nunzio Striano, Vittorio D’Amora, Rony Dall’Osto, Uwe Czaika, Lily Suryani, Dayan Sianipar, Lorenzo Mendini.

IZ8XLT – MDXC #916 Nunzio Striano from Calvizzano (Na), Italy;

I8DVJ – MDXC #917 Vittorio D’Amora from Castellammare di Stabia (Na), Italy;

IZ3KIF – MDXC #918 Rony Dall’Osto from Cogollo Del Cengio (Vi), Italy;

DL2ND – MDXC #919 Uwe Czaika from Germany;

YB6LYS – MDXC #920 Lily Suryan from Indonesia;

YB6LAY – MDXC #921 Dayan Sianipar from Indonesia;

IZ2FOS – MDXC #922 Lorenzo Mendini from Calcinato (Bs) Italy.

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