Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members: Roberto Esposito, Marco Caforio, Silvio Ciarma, Fabio Azzali, Mario Bellengi.

IZ8POX – MDXC#933 Roberto Esposito from Catanzaro, Italy;

IZ2QCP – MDXC#934 Marco Caforio from Parabiago (Mi), Italy;

I6CBI – MDXC#935 Silvio Ciarma from Montesilvano (Pe), Italy;

IK4QJF – MDXC#936 Fabio Azzali from Modesano (Pr), Italy;

IK4MTK – MDXC#937 Mario Bellengi from Soragna (Pr), Italy.

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  1. I6CBI says:

    Nice to meet you