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Welcome to our new members: Wolfgang Heppting, Giancarlo Iannelli, Ralf Stoll, Aldo Iannuzzi, Angelo Terraneo, Alessandro Oliva, Anatoly Kozic, Ivo Camerlengo, Sauro Tonelli, Wilson Ignachewski Filho.

DL4FCS – MDXC #938 Wolfgang Heppting from Germany;

IN3DQW – MDXC #939 Giancarlo Iannelli from Trento, Italy;

DL3ZZ – MDXC #940 Ralf Stoll from Germany;

I8JIA – MDXC #941 Aldo Iannuzzi from Salerno, Italy;

I2DJX – MDXC #942 Angelo Terraneo from Cascina Amata (Co), Italy;

IZ2BVN – MDXC #943 Alessandro Oliva from Voghera (Pv), Italy;

UU7JC – MDXC #944 Anatoly Kozic from Ukraine;

IZ3XEF – MDXC #945 Ivo Camerlengo from Verona, Italy;

IZ1CLA – MDXC #946 Sauro Tonelli from Sarzana (Sp), Italy;

PY5WH – MDXC #947 Ignachewski Filho from Brazil.

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