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Welcome to our new members: Col  McGowan, Marcello Cafaro, Antonio Posillipo, Patrice Griset, Scott A. Reid, Alcide Damen, Virgilio Fornara, Daniele Occhiuzzi, Roberto Oligeri,  ARI Club Station Tivoli, Marco Piras.

MM0NDX – MDXC #948  Col  McGowan from Scotland;

IK8DNJ – MDXC #949 Marcello Cafaro from Salerno, Italy;

IZ2YAF – MDXC #950 Antonio Posillipo from Cassina Rizzardi (Co),Italy;

F6GCP – MDXC #951 Patrice Griset from France;

N5XTC – MDXC #952 Scott A. Reid from U.S.A.;

IK6DIN – MDXC #953 Alcide Damen from Pesaro, Italy;

IZ1PKV – MDXC #954 Virgilio Fornara from Sanremo (Im),Italy;

IZ8PPH – MDXC #955 Daniele Occhiuzzi from Cetraro (Cs), Italy;

I5OLR – MDXC #956 Roberto Oligeri from Radda in Chianti (Si),Italy;

IQ0EF – MDXC #957 A.R.I. Club Station Tivoli from Guidonia M. (Rm), Italy;

IZ3GNG – MDXC #958 Marco Piras from S. Giorgio delle Pertiche, (Pd), Italy.

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