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Welcome to our new members: Emanuele Dal Ceré, Oscar Caprani, Gianni Orlandelli, Terry N. Wilkin, Alessandro Signorini, Bruno Balasso, Dante Calviani, Fabio Cazzin, Moreno Chillon.


IK3PJX – MDXC #959 Emanuele Dal Ceré from San Martino B.R. (Vr), Italy;

IK2AQZ – MDXC #960 Oscar Caprani from Blevio (Co), Italy;

IZ2QXG – MDXC #961 Gianni Orlandelli from Cura Carpignano (Pv) Italy;

N7TW – MDXC #962 Terry N. Wilkin from U.S.A.

IZ4VQS – MDXC #963 Alessandro Signorini from Borgo val di Taro, (Pr), Italy;

IW3HXR – MDXC #964 Bruno Balasso from Santorso (Vi), Italy;

IK5ASN – MDXC #965 Dante Calviani from Firenze, Italy;

IW3FVZ – MDXC #966 Fabio Cazzin from Santa Maria di Sala (Ve), Italy;

IK3OBX – MDXC #967 Moreno Chillon from Mirano (Ve), Italy;

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