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Welcome to our new members: Gianni Maltinti, Gabriele Ferrari, Diego Casella, Mirko Castorina, Club Station ARS Basso Ionio, Gabriele Mancin, Dario Saggio.

IT9DGGMDXC #968 Gianni Maltinti from Catania, Italy;

IW3ILU – MDXC #969 Gabriele Ferrari from Cerea (Vr), Italy;

IW2BAI – MDXC #970 Diego Casella from Brembio Logig.(Lo), Italy;

IT9CLX – MDXC #971 Mirko Castorino from Carlentini (Sr), Italy;

IQ8WD – MDXC #972 A.R.S. Club Station Basso Ionio from Soverato (Cz), Italy;

IZ4TOA – MDXC #973 Gabriele Mancin from Calderara Di Reno (Bo), Italy;

IT9BZK – MDXC #974 Dario Saggio from Lentini (Sr), Italy;

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