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Welcome to our new members Pasquale Pizzo, Antonio Cucurachi, Massimo Sabellico, Roberto Martorana, Sten Tegfors ,Vittorio Bussoni.

IZ3GOO – MDXC #689 Pasquale Pizzo from Biancade (Tv) Italy;
IK7LNC – MDXC #690 Antonio Cucurachi from Monteroni (Le) Italy;
IK0RNR – MDXC #691 Massimo Sabellico from Fiuggi (Fr) Italy;
IK1DFH –  MDXC #692 Roberto Martorana from Arma di Taggia (Im) Italy;
SM4CTI – MDXC #693 Sten Tegfors from Sveden;
IK4CIE – MDXC #694 Vittorio Bussoni from San Michele Tiorre (Pr) Italy.

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