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Welcome to our new members: Claudio Corcione, Nicola Franco, Nerino Pazzali, Tony De Longhi, Antonio D’Arpino, Alain Darve and Vanni Po.

TF2CL – MDXC #350 Claudio Corcione from Iceland;
IV3CWB – MDXC #695 Nicola Franco from Torreano (Ud) Italy;
IK2ABJ – MDXC #696 Nerino Pezzali from Lodi Italy;
IZ2ESV – MDXC #697 Tony De Longhi from Milano Italy;
IK0OZD – MDXC #698 Antonio D’Arpino from Ferentino (Fr) Italy;
F6ENO – MDXC #699 Alain Darve from France;
IK4RUX – MDXC #700 Vanni Po from Carpi (Mo) Italy.

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