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Welcome to our new members: Michael Chatzimichalakis, Carlo Bonomi, Antonio Cicerale, Salvo Costantino, Giovanni Sala, Wolfgang Bleher, Joern Schmolke, Olaf Muehlenbrock, Giovanni Zangara, Massimo Lugli.

SV1MO – MDXC #701 Michael Chatzimichalakis from Greece;

IK2RPE – MDXC #702 Carlo Bonomi from Segrate (Mi) Italy;

IK7YZG – MDXC #703  Antonio Cicerale from San Severo (Fg) Italy;

IT9HLR – MDXC #704 Salvo Costantino from Siracusa Italy;

IK2YFT – MDXC #705 Giovanni Sala from Cremeno (Lc) Italy;

DL2MWB – MDX C#706 Wolfgang Bleher from Germany;

DL4TZ – MDXC #707 Joern Schmolke from Germany;

DO7OM – MDXC #708 Olaf Muehlenbrock from Germany;

IW0BET – MDXC #709  Giovanni Zangara from Rome Italy;

IZ5ILF – MDXC #710  Massimo Lugli from San Gervaso Palaia (Pi) Italy;

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  1. IK8PLE says:

    MDXC – 444 Vincenzo Canzano from Caserta (CE) Italy