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Welcome to our new members Enrico Caligiana, Marco Rinaldi, Michele De Biase,  Marco Malatesta, Luca Nerva, Roberto Ristorto.

IZ5RKC – MDXC #665 Enrico Caligiana from Tizzana Quarrata (Pt) – Italy

IK2LFF – MDXC #666 Marco Rinaldi from Brusimpiano (Va) – Italy

IZ8FFZ – MDXC #375 Michele De Biase from Rogliano (Cs) – Italy

IZ1RHY – MDXC #667 Marco Malatesta from Arcola (Sp) – Italy

IW1FZR MDXC #668 Luca Nerva from Cavaglià (Bi) – Italy

IK1MEG – MDXC #669 Roberto Ristorto from Vignolo (Cn) – Italy

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