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Welcome to our new members: Per Paolo Liuzzo, Lovas Ferenc, Pietropaolo Busò, Douglas Ruz, Santi Sbietti, Luca Pampaloni, Vincenzo Calì, Riccardo Vignolini, Marco Hardmeier, Simone Petretti.

IZ1XBB – MDXC #804 Pier Paolo Liuzzo from Tortona (Al), Italy;

Y05OED – MDXC #805 Lovas Ferenc from Romania;

IZ3ODB – MDXC #806 Pietropaolo Busò from Preganziol (Tv), Italy;

CO8DM – MDXC #549 Douglas Ruz from Cuba;

IK5DNF – MDXC #807 Santi Sbietti from Arezzo, Italy;

IK5XLB – MDXC #808 Luca Pampaloni from Castiglion Fibocchi (Ar), Italy;

IZ2MFD – MDXC #809 Vincenzo Calì from Pavia, Italy;

IZ5BRW – MDXC #810 Riccardo Vignolini from S. Casciano ( Fi), Italy;

HB9OCR – MDXC #811 Marco Hardmeier from Switzerland;

IZ5DKJ – MDXC #812 Simone Petretti from Lucca, Italy.

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