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Welcome to our new members Gilberto Lepori, Sergio Grossi, Antonio Achilli, Vincenzo Bongiovanni, Gabriele Conforti, Farid Moch and Alain Ardillier.

The following list is published with non-periodical cadence on the Portal and refers to the Mediterraneo DX Club’s latest Members.

Updated to September 30, 2011.

  • IW5AB – MDXC #370 – Gilberto Lepori from Montecatini T. (PT) – Italy [Profilo su qrz.com]
  • IT9CHU – MDXC #646 – Vincenzo Bongiovanni from Ragusa (RG) – Italy [Profilo su qrz.com]
  • IZ5FDD – MDXC #647 – Gabriele Conforti from Livorno (LI) – Italy [Profilo su qrz.com]
  • F1FOO – MDXC #649 – Alain Ardillier da Chateau L Eveque – France [Profilo su qrz.com]


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