Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members: Chaeles Wilmott, J.Merle Elson, Charly Lichyenecker, Giovanni Leone, Antonio Prisco, Lajos Veres, John Arnivig.


M0OXO – MDXC#213 Chaeles Wilmott from England;

K5MT – MDXC #266 J.Merle Elson from U.S.A.

OE3KLU – MDXC #323 Charly Lichyenecker from Austria;

IK8MRA – MDXC #334 Giovanni Leone from Torre del Greco (Na), Italy;

IZ8EKL – MDXC #335 Antonio Prisco from Palma Campania (Na), Italy;

HA5AGS – MDXC #346 Lajos Veres from Hungary;

OZ4RT – MDXC #385 John Arnivig from Denmark.

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