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Welcome to our new members: Francesco Chicarella, Maurizio Olleia, Moreno Momi, Giuseppe D’Alessandro, Fernando Teti, Andrea Angelillis, Dario Grossi, Gilles Desansac, Gilbert Vanderhaegen, Gherando Pannoli, Riccardo Iozzia, Francesco Marù.


IZ6WLW – MDXC#721 Francesco Chicarella from Tagliacozzo (Aq), Italy;

IZ0PAP – MDXC#686 Maurizio Olleia from Latina, Italy;

IW0SAF – MDXC#652 Moreno Momi from Corciano (Pg), Italy;

IK6DTB – MDXC#644 Giuseppe D’Alessandro from Crecchio (Ch), Italy;

IK6WEZ – MDXC#633 Fernando Teti from Lanciano (Ch), Italy;

IT9YBL – MDXC#669 Andrea Angelillis from Catania, Italy;

IZ4UEZ – MDXC#353 Dario Grossi from Cento (Fe), Italy;

F6IRA – MDXC#754 Gilles Desansac from France;

ON7ZZ – MDXC#813 Gilbert Vanderhaegen from Belgium;

IZ1DSH – MDXC#583 Gherardo Pannoli from Graziano Badoglio (At), Italy;

IZ1GDB – MDXC#928 Riccardo Iozzia from Collegno (To), Italy;

IT9ZVJ – MDXC#893 Francesco Marù from Ragusa, Italy;

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