XE1L Luis: Silent Key

Desolated We are. Very sad news, just arrived on XE1L death. Our big friend, Luis, just back home from the last DX adventure in Clipperton Is TX5K .First report said that he arrived in California and died.

With deepest regrets we must tell you that shortly after returning to San Diego, Luis XE1L was stricken with a major heart attack and passed away within minutes.

XE1L Luis

We wish to remember Luis with a lot of love: 3Y0PI, 9M0M, 9N7MD, S07L, TZ6RM, XF4L, XR0Y, XR0Z, XZ0A upcoming TX5K, Clipperton Isl. Contests Callsigns: 4A7L, 4A9LCH, 6D1LCH, 6D7LCH, 6H1L, 6J1L, W4/XE1L (Various IOTA), W4T (Dry Tortugas), XF0L, XF5L, XF6L, YW5L. Other Entities Callsigns: 4K/XE1L, 4U/XE1L/ITU, 4U/XE1L/NY, 4U/XE1L/YK, 4X/XE1L, 6Y5/XE1L, 8P9/XE1L, 9N7MD, C6A/XE1L, CE0/XE1L, CE3/XE1L, FM5/XE1L, FS5/XE1L, J6/XE1L, KH7/XE1L, KP4/XE1L, P4/XE1L, PJ2/XE1L, TG9/XE1L, TZ6L, VE7/XE1L, VP8CPJ, W/XE1L, W4/XE1L, XE0LCH, XE1LCH, XE1L, XE1L/XF2, XE1L/XF3, XF3/XE1L, XZ1L, YV5/XE1L, ZD8/XE1L.

He had also CQ from Nepal, as 9N7MD. Requiescat in pace.



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40 Responses to “XE1L Luis: Silent Key”

  1. UA3AGW DIMA says:

    Very sad news 🙂 He was a great operator and Dx’peditioner. Met him in-person many times @ Dayton hamvention. Dx and contest comunity will be missing him. RIP mi querido amigo ! My condolences to the family. Dima, UA3AGW

  2. Rich says:

    Sad news. RIP Luis. Rich/WX9X

  3. NM5M says:

    Sad to hear! I worked Luis many times over the years on 20 meters SSB and CW. I met him in Houston in the early 1980s. A true gentleman, 73 OM

  4. Walt K1QS says:

    Luis will be missed by all. Talked with him when he was on the boat headed to Clipperton, and we we were supposed to meet at Dayton.

  5. Ramon XE1KK says:

    Very sad news! A Mexican ambassador of Amateur Radio, a good friend, a radio amateur by heart who enjoy the many corners of our great hobby.

    He will be missed.


    Ramon, XE1KK

  6. on8dm Mich says:

    Sad to hear the news…

  7. Dave, W2YC says:

    Huge loss. Great operator. RIP, Luis

  8. Zig KM9M says:

    Sad news.. R.I.P. Luis, 73

  9. F8BON says:

    no !!!! very sad news… Yes a great operator, gentleman…dear Luis RIP. 73.
    Pat. F8BON

  10. Sean KX9X says:

    I still have one of the XE pins he handed out at Dayton all the time. He was my first QSO with XE as a Novice in the early 80’s. Always friendly and nice to talk with. Very sad news.

  11. Paul Bittner says:

    It is sad to know that a special friend, Luis XE1L, has become a Silent Key. One day we will all be Silent Keys but in the time that God gives us, we treasure our friends and Luis was one of them.

    Years ago I ran across a neat phrase in one of 14 Books of THE APOCRYPHA
    “A faithful friend is a strong defence: and he that hath found such an one hath found a treasure. I’ve used that phrase in weddings, talks and used it at Dayton Contest Dinner one year. Luis was probably in the audience of friends that night.

    Luis, RIP, Thanks for the memories. Paul W0AIH (since 1949)

  12. Mike KI6MOE says:

    Oh No, I had the pleasure of working Luis a few times. May he rest well in peace !

  13. Bill Wilson says:

    Sad news…will be missed by fellow hams in MX 73 de XE1/W3EMA

  14. IZ8BGY says:

    R.I.P. Luis !

  15. Jerry WB9Z says:

    Luis was a good friend and fellow DXpeditioner, we operated together on Spratly in 2001. A true gentleman, who will be greatly missed.

    RIP Luis

  16. Sean K8KHZ says:

    Luis was a friend to many. I remember talking to him at every Dayton. He told several storied that were just fascinating. He will truly be missed by myself and others.

  17. Larry Fravel K8YYY says:

    I have worked him many times while he operated from DX-peditions and while he was on from Mexico. 73 Luis RIP.

  18. Ismael XE1AY says:

    What a bad news !!! Dx community lost a great Dxer. A very good example to us. He gave me 40 ssb qso in TX5K. We will miss you. RIP

  19. Rafael Kuri, XE1RK says:

    I deeply sorry, he was a very close friend of mine for 40 years.He was my age, 68.. Great radio operator and a very good father, husband and son.
    Our condolences for his family, specially Malvin….

  20. Luis Gutierrez says:

    He was my personal friend…. just an incredible lost for me and mexican ham radio… I will miss him.

    Deeply sad

    Luis Gtz.

  21. Ken N2ZN says:

    Very sad to see this. I had the pleasure of meeting Luis in Dayton a few years ago after many on air QSO’S. A true gentleman. DXing just won’t be the same now!

    RIP XE1Luis.

  22. Albert EA2CIN says:


  23. Diego - LU8ADX / AY8A says:

    Very sad news, He will be missed.
    73 de Diego – LU8ADX

  24. Adhi YB3MM says:

    I still remember very cool night we spent together during 9N7MD.
    I will put your eye-ball QSL Card in my best place.
    Thank you for nice memory Luis. I will miss U always.

  25. Paul vk2hv says:

    I worked Luis on many occasions both at home and on dx’peditions.
    He will be missed…RIP my friend from all of VK..73

  26. W6VM says:



  27. Steve, N2AJ says:

    Luis was a great guy. He was so humble for a man of his accomplishments. I am so sorry that he had to leave us.

    73 de Steve N2AJ

  28. Bruce XW4XR says:

    Very sad to hear the news of a good friend passing.
    Op’d a few contests with Luis back in Florida many years ago.
    Always the gentleman and dedicated DX’er.

    You will be missed Luis – many thanks for the time you had here!

    73 de Bruce

  29. HA8KW Feco says:

    Very sad news…
    R.I.P. Luis, we’ll miss you.
    My deep condolences to the family.

  30. Enno, PF5X says:

    I met Luis when we were both operators at XR0Y back in 1995. We had a lot of fun together. I met him again a few years later at the Dayton Hamvention and had many laughs. Great guy ! RIP Luis …

    — Enno, PF5X (PA0ERA in 1995)

  31. Lori Rosalius says:

    Jerry (WB9Z) & I had the honor to be on an expedition with Louis on Spratly Island. Louis was one of a kind!! I’ll never forget when he sang a song to me! What a character!! We had many good times & laughs in that week with Louis & his wife. I’m sure Louis is singing in heaven . My thoughts & prayers to Louis’s wife & family. He will me missed!! God Speed!!

  32. Francesco, IK0FUX says:

    Very very sad news…..
    RIP Luis.

    73 Francesco, IK0FUX

  33. Keith Retzer W0KEU says:

    Great friend. In 1979 he kept a noon sked with me on 10M with my 7 watt converted CB rig. Always fun he rarely missed a day RIP amigo Luis

  34. […] edición norteamericana de CQ, nos llega la noticia del fallecimiento del conocido dx-ista mexicano Luis Chartarif XE1L, a causa de un infarto en San Diego, California. Hacía pocos que había regresado después de […]

  35. Eric - ON7RN says:

    Very sad news. I’ve met Luis during our dxpedition in Nepal (9N7MD). A great and pleasant man, always interested in all parts of our hobby !! R.I.P. dear Luis. We will miss you !!
    Eric – ON7RN

  36. Ron N2SKH says:

    A friend for nearly 20 years, a great operator and ambassador for amateur radio, and a force of life. My condolences to his family. I looked forward to meeting Luis every year I could attend Dayton, and hearing the stories he would tell at the DX Dinner table.

    I learned of this incredibly sad news when another friend, Paul N2DXL, called me within hours yesterday. I’m on business travel in Beijing, so it was the middle of the night here in Beijing, but I truly appreciated Paul letting me know as soon as he’d heard.

    If he can find a way, Heaven may be on the air soon 🙂

    73 mi amigo de Ron N2SKH

  37. Paul Dumdie Jr says:

    R.I.P. My good friend Luis. We will miss you on the air and at Dayton..

    Paul W9DWP 73

  38. James N3ZS says:

    Several great experiences about Luis:

    On DXpedition Luis always had time to stop the massive pileup and say “Hi James Thanks For Working ME”…

    Also always amazing to work Luis from Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, wherever I was operating he always found me and broke the pileup. I remember Luis being such a gentlemen on the air and a great ambassador and example for all hams..

    Great memoris, rest in peace Luis, Kind Regards James N3ZS 5Z4FV V47FV

  39. Larry Snyder says:

    RIP Luis. 73s HK2LS Larry

  40. Howard Rosen says:

    Greatest guy , met Luis a few times at Dayton . So full of life . He will be missed .

    May his memory be for a blessing.

    Howard VE2AED