XR0ZR Juan Fernandez: Update#2

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Finally, the team was completed! We are pleased to to share our experience with Hans, DL6JGN.

The flights and locations have already been fixed and confirmed. Now the team will focus on technical aspect of the DXpedition, such as antennas, radios and rx systems.

Unfortunately, the island is surrounded by high mountains, and certainly does not allow us to be open to 360 degrees. Despite this, we will place our setup of antennas in order to satisfy the largest number of amateur radio operators as possible.

Surely, a major focus will be given to the RTTY, which we think is highly requested by the hamradio community.

We would like to remind you again, how important for us, is your financial support. At the time we were able to cover only part of the huge costs that this expedition required.

To give you an idea of costs, the total budget of the whole operation JUANFERNANDEZ2013 is approximately $ 56,000 (42,000 €).

That said, we would be eternally grateful if you decide to support and help us accomplish this our adventure.

On our website, http://www.juanfernandez2013.com, you can do it very simply.

XR0ZR Team

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