XR0ZR Juan Fernandez: Update

XR0ZR website now live. The Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of XRØZR. Free internal QSL service available for all MDXC Members.

After many months of careful planning, the XR0ZR team is pleased and proud to announce preparations for a multi-national Dxpedition to Robinson Crusoe Island in the Juan Fernandez Archipelago (CE0Z), using the call sign XR0ZR.It is our privilege to activate this entity during the period November 8 – 20, 2013.
The Juan Fernández Islands (Spanish: Archipiélago Juan Fernández) are a sparsely inhabited island group reliant on tourism and fishing in the South Pacific Ocean, situated about 600 kilometers off the coast of Chile, and is composed of three main volcanic islands; Robinson Crusoe Island, Alejandro Selkirk Island and Santa Clara Island.
On the Club-Log’s most wanted DXCC list, Juan Fernandez, CE0Z ranks as #35 on the most wanted list for all amateur radio operators, #23 on the most wanted list for Asia, #27 on the most needed list for CW operations, and #18 on the most needed list for Digital Operations.
The Team is meeting in Santiago, Chile and will depart by a chartered aircraft on November 7th. The Team expects become active on November 8th.
The main goals of this DXpedition are to work every amateur radio operator who needs Juan Fernandez, (CE0Z) for a new DXCC country. In addition, we will be active on all bands and modes from 1.8 MHz to 50 MHz with special attention to be made to accommodate distant stations during periods when propagation permits. We are planning to have 4 stations running simultaneously  and hope to make thousand contacts worldwide.
We are kindly seeking Club and Individual Sponsors to help us defray the costs of carrying out this important Dxpedition.
Our team will consist of the following Operators:  Fabri-IW3SQY (Team Leader) , Franco-IZ8GCE, Paolo-IV3DSH,  Josep-EA3AKY, Les-SP3DOI, Dino-CE3PG, and Art-WA7NB. We wish everyone good propagation and we hope that you enjoy working the XR0ZR Team.

Thank you for your assistance in helping make this a world class dxpedition.

You can follow us on :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/xr0zr/

Twitter : @xr0zr

Website : http://www.juanfernandez2013.com

73 de

XR0ZR Team


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One Response to “XR0ZR Juan Fernandez: Update”

  1. jack hudson w9mu says:


    thanks for the 160 card and credit on lotw.
    However I also had 12 meter, 17 meter and 80 meter Q’s
    that were not confirmed either on LOTW or OQRS.

    They were origionly requested when I sent the OQRS and still show
    as valid QSO’s.

    What should I do to confirm these QSO’s ?

    jack Hudson w9mu