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I present the QSL card that you will receive all those who they connected XX9TYT

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I planned this short expediton manly focused for the cqww contest. the big problem in macao is the location. no one allow you to install antennas. So i have the big doubt of the “qualtiy” of my location and to the chance to install the spiderbeam. So i arranged also a back-up antenna in case of problem with the hotel management. Finally no one of the hotel was arguing about the spiderbeam on the balcony, so i have used the great 5/8wl vertical for my first aim. Point to eu or us with spiderbeam and use vertical for all other signal. This was very useful during the contest If you no have the rotator. In this way i catch a lot of py , zs, vk and ja stations. The African expeditions was only beaming to eu and us so i cannot ear them and need just wait they come looking for multipliers. Sunday evening i pointing lp and i catch some more zl / vk /some eu and finally worked some carabian stations. Before contest i have huge pile up form Europe. Was big surprise for me to ear so strong (and many italian) stations. Unfortunally i had to stop stop for 2 times. because i was still finish setup and had some tech problems. Now i’m looking how can work on other bands , especially low bands.
see you soon from xx9tyt 73′s Andrea



Andrea IK7YTT will be active as XX9TYT from Coloane isl. – Macau – IOTA #AS-075 for the CQWW 2012.

He will participate to the CQWW Contest on 15m as S.O. (CQ zone 24). Before and after competition XX9TYT will be active in other bandas.


Oct. 26 - 21.285 MHz and 14.185 MHz SSB
Oct. 29 - 14.185 MHz SSB

October 26 to 29, 2012


CQWW SSB Contest: 0000Z October 27 through 2359Z October 28 2012



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