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  1. what is the matter?? On 30,Oct.’18 wrkd Z23MD od 20 Mtr SSB @ 1915 hrs yet it does not show in log!!!

    I heard the operator come back with my call N2UL as clear as a bell. His report was 5×9

    Perhaps he just failed to log it however please check for me. Thank You So Very Much.

    Gregory L.Mitchell,West Caldwell,New Jersey USA W2MYA, Trustee of club station N2UL

  2. I have to say really good you all in being very present in all the bands and the various operating modes, thank you and keep it up. best regards and thanks for the excellent work.
    73, s of IK8DUI

  3. Tnx for the contact on 15m.

    Only with 5w and end fed wire on this side. Good ears.

    Good luck with the expidition.


    Dave EA5IUW

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