ZL9HR:Press Release #2

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The ZL9HR team has arrived and is prepared to depart on Monday morning. The team was warmly greeted by the local ZL hams who hosted lunch and dinners along the way.

The NZ Department of Conservation (DoC) briefings and quarantine inspection processes began with the transfer of all the equipment to the inspection / quarantine station. The bulk of our equipment was inspected on Saturday morning, all passed with no exceptions. DoC management said everything was in good order. A process that normally takes all day was completed in less than 3 hours even though items were repackaged in plastic bags / wrapped in plastic sheets, or placed in bins. Cardboard is not permitted on the island so new items like antennas were repackaged. The team then went off to fill the 55 petrol containers and return them to our transport vendor, Lindsey Carrying.

Invercargill weather has been unusually warm and even sunny on some days, with rain on others.  Weather reports on Campbell Island show temperatures ranging between 6c and 9c (43f – 48f) with winds up to 45 km/h (27 mph).  Rain is in the forecast for each day for the forecast period; all not unexpected. The boat returned from Auckland Island 2 days ago where a team was conducting an inventory of penguins.

Today we’re doing last minute shopping for items missed or misplaced and will buy snacks and other goodies not supplied in our contract with the boat.

We are all excited about the departure planned for mid day Monday, Nov. 26th. Once underway there will be no Internet access. On the island we will communicate with the designated Pilot stations and upload load photos via satellite phone. We will not be reading blogs, reflectors or personal e-mail. If you have suggestions or complaints please e-mail your region’s designated Pilot station.

Good luck, we’ll see you in the pile-ups!


The ZL9HR team

We remember that the Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of ZL9HR. Free internal QSL serviceavailable for all MDXC Members.

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5 Responses to “ZL9HR:Press Release #2”

  1. IZ8BGY says:

    Flash news !!

    The ZL9HR operation is delayed due to bad WX in the Southern Ocean. The team are at anchor south of Stewart Island waiting on the weather to clear. They expect to arrive Campbell Island probably on Friday, but the WX will certainly dictate the schedule. Everyone is in good spirits awaiting departure.

  2. IZ8BGY says:

    Update they are still at Stewart Island the weather is still bad the waves are 11 meters high they will be leaving tomorrow morning 29th of November for Campbell Island and hope to be there.

    Saturday morning and start operating late that day. We talked to them on 20m 14.285 during the Greek net, they are using the ships radio to communicate in the Ham bands this evening they are on 40m 7.130 DX net .

  3. IZ8BGY says:

    Team ZL9HR have arrived Campbell island! Please share the good news !
    After a “bumpy” ride to Campbell Island, the S/Y Evohe is making into Perseverance Bay. Landing will take place in half an hour or so. It is now Saturday the 1st of December 7:00 am (Friday 30th November 18:00 utc). Weather is not too good, very misty but no rain. Talk to you all soon when camp will be set up.

  4. IZ8BGY says:

    Tonight team leader Tommy VK2IR, has confirmed that all equipment will need to be packed up by the end of Saturday (New Zealand time) so that the team can start their return voyage on Sunday 9th. So the last chance you will have to work ZL9HR from Campbell Island will be on Saturday (New Zealand time).

  5. IZ8BGY says:

    After a very long final day, the team on Campbell Island finished operations at about 16:00 UTC 8/12/12 – 05:00 9/12/12 Local time and now starts the work of disassembly of the antenna systems, equipment packing and transfer of everything back to the boat before departure back to New Zealand.
    We wish all the team a safe and calm trip back to New Zealand and then on to their home countries and look forward to the next HARAOA DX’Pedition wherever that may be to.