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XX9TYT: photo, log-check and statistics

Finally Andrea returned from Macao. Here are the photos and some statistics on his experience in the CQWW Contest. We remind you that in the official website is now available the online log-check in the following page. Mind that the first announced call XX9TTT hasn’t been assigned. The call received by the local Telecommunication Autorities […]

Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members: Helmut Heindl, Virginio Biangi, Mate Caljkusic, Vittorio Ortiz, Massimo Gagliardi, Alberto Baldovin. HS0ZIV – MDXC #776 Helmut Heindl from Thailand; IZ5EKV – MDXC #777 Virginio Biagi from Impruneta (Fi) Italy; 9A6JOY – MDXC #778 Mate Caljkusic from Croatia; IZ7XVG – MDXC #779 Vittorio Ortiz from Bari, Italy; IW2NOO – MDXC #780 Massimo Gagliardi from Germignaga […]

Uganda 2013

After many dxpeditions in the past (5V7C, 5H1C, XT2C, J5C, TK7C, TS7C, TM7CC, IS0R, TJ9PF) and the successful PJ4C in 2012, the F6KOP team is happy to announce their next expedition to Uganda for February 2013. More than 20 ops, 6 stations for 12 days. Of course you can view the official site for future information. […]

3D2C: Photo gallery

3D2C Team inform us that they have been uploaded the official website with a lot of photographs about activities in Conway reef. The MDXC has been a sponsor of the Dx-pedition and soon will receive QSLs from 3D-manager to send via our internal service.

D64K: the QSL card!

Here is a preview of the D64K QSL-card that our Members will receive directly by mail in the next few weeks, thanks to our QSL service. Congratulations to the D64K Team for the nice DXpedition and congratulations to all MDXC Members who contacted them!    

V84SMD Press Release n.5

Dx friends of all over the World , we are now very near the kick off of our new adventure, this time in V8 land. All is going perfectly and we are happy to report that the DXpedition packaging is ready and all equipments tested. Our international team of 23 operators of 9 Countries, leading […]

Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members: Gino De Nobili, Alessio Noro Rossi, Boyko Iliev, Adriano Premoselli, Rino Borace, Damiano Noro Rossi. IK1RKN – MDXC #770 Gino De Nobili from Mondovì (Cn) Italy; IZ0UIM – MDXC #771 Alessio Noro Rossi from Piglio (Fr) Italy; LZ1QN – MDXC #772 Boyko Iliev from Burgas (Bulgaria); IK2GNW – MDXC #773 […]

Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members: Marco Grossi, Maurizio Massabò, Giuseppe Maiolino, Moreno Parise, Alessandro Iapichino, Giuseppe Rebuffo, Pietro Colli, Stefano Ceccotti, Giuseppe Castiglione, Claudio Cellacchi. IZ1JLN – MDXC #439 Marco Grossi from Dolcedo (IM), Italy; IZ1HDR – MDXC #762 Maurizio Massabò from Imperia, Italy; IZ1OQB – MDXC #763 Giuseppe Maiolino from Arma di Taggia (Im), […]

Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members: Marco Campanino, Manuel Vadilonga, Emanuele Miani, Fabrizio Del Grande, Marco Coli. IK8LMP – MDXC #757 Marco Campanino from Poggiomarino (Na), Italy. IS0BOZ – MDXC #758 Manuel Vadilonga from Capoterra (Ca) Italy; IZ0GKB -MDXC #759 Emanuele Miani from Santa Palomba (Rm) Italy; IZ1UJM – MDXC #760 Fabrizio Del Grande from Lesa (No) Italy; […]

Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members: Elio Rinco, Paolo Berruti, Fabio Ribechini,  Sandro Castrichini, Giorgio Iannucci. IZ1BAY – MDXC #752 Elio Rinco from Vignale Monferrato (Al), Italy; IZ1UKG – MDXC #753 Paolo Berruti from Castel’Alfero (At), Italy; I5GJK – MDXC #754 Fabio Ribechini from Montemurlo (Po), Italy; IZ0BXX – MDXC #755 Sandro Castrichini  from Fondi (Lt), Italy; IZ0HQI […]

Welcome to…

Welcome to our new members: Salvatore Vitale, Marco Vecchiola, Gianni Bettio, Kovac Ladislav, Andrea Veniani, Richard Pordon, Pasquale Loconte, Jean Louis Marquis. IV3YIM – MDXC #744 Salvatore Vitale from Gorizia Italy; IZ1DUI – MDXC #745 Marco Vecchiola from Sanremo (IM) Italy; IZ2QDQ – MDXC #746 Gianni Bettio from Dorno (Pv) Italy. OM3AG – MDXC #747 Kovac Ladislav […]