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Welcome to our new members: Massimo Agostini, Luciano Lucherini, Fabrizio Licchelli, Patrizio Principato, Lorenzo Torreggiani, Roberto Nuovibri, Anna Ragaglia, Aldo Russi, Davide Matichecchia, Giuseppe Perrucci, Donoald R. Greenbaum, Piero Forno. IK5PKE – MDXC #737 Massimo Agostini from Arezzo, Italy; I5ELQ – MDXC #738 Luciano Lucherini from Monteroni d’Arbia (Si) Italy; IZ0UIN – MDXC #739 Fabrizio Licchelli from Rome Italy; IZ1NDZ – MDXC #740 Patrizio […]

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Welcome to our new members: Diego Berardi, Lucio Attolini, Michele Battista, Luciano Zecca, Francesco D’ Alò, Gaetano Giardina, Roberto Rossetto, Gelsomino Lussoso, Daniele Pistollato, Ampelio Veneri. IZ0EWJ – MDXC #727 Diego Berardi from Pofi (Fr) Italy; IW2FND – MDXC #728 Lucio Attolini from San Giovanni in Croce (Cr) Italy; IZ7JVR – MDXC #729 Michele Battista from Apricena (Fg) Italy; IZ0LKV – MDXC […]

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Welcome to our new members: Michael Chatzimichalakis, Carlo Bonomi, Antonio Cicerale, Salvo Costantino, Giovanni Sala, Wolfgang Bleher, Joern Schmolke, Olaf Muehlenbrock, Giovanni Zangara, Massimo Lugli. SV1MO – MDXC #701 Michael Chatzimichalakis from Greece; IK2RPE – MDXC #702 Carlo Bonomi from Segrate (Mi) Italy; IK7YZG – MDXC #703  Antonio Cicerale from San Severo (Fg) Italy; IT9HLR – MDXC #704 Salvo […]

Brunei Darussalam 2012: V84SMD

Gemilang Amateur Radio Station & Mediterraneo Dx Club, this is the twinning of the year ! This 2 club, with fantastic friendship spirit, organized this dxpedition for twinning and start a long cooperation. V85TX and others members of Gemilang support the MDXC for licence, entry with equipment and logistic help. We have already planned, during […]

E51M: The Photo

Today we have received email from to DJ8NK, enclosing photos with MDXC flag and  the team’s of E51M, also reported that the cards were sent to our secretariat. In the moment we recived , immediately forward them to the home members who have requested via QSL SERVICE Good dx!

Somalia 2012: MDXC is a sponsor of 6O0CW

We are pleased to add a “new one” in our Sponsored DXpeditions list: 6O0CW, Somalia. Operations from the African Entity are already on and will extend until May 18, 2012. For MDXC Members is also available our internal QSL service. Please remember that since the end of the DXpedition you can send QSL requests: look […]

Yemen 2012: MDXC is a sponsor of 7O6T

We couldn’t let the chance slip for our Members. We couldn’t let a so important DXpedition slip for MDXC. Now it’s official: the Mediterraneo DX Club is a sponsor of 7O6T from Socotra Is., Yemen, on air in these days until May 15. Our regular Members will be able to benefit of the free internal […]

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Welcome to our new members: Claudio Corcione, Nicola Franco, Nerino Pazzali, Tony De Longhi, Antonio D’Arpino, Alain Darve and Vanni Po. TF2CL – MDXC #350 Claudio Corcione from Iceland; IV3CWB – MDXC #695 Nicola Franco from Torreano (Ud) Italy; IK2ABJ – MDXC #696 Nerino Pezzali from Lodi Italy; IZ2ESV – MDXC #697 Tony De Longhi […]

T30PY is the logo of the month in the URE Magazine

The official magazine of URE (Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles), the Spanish Amateur Radio Association, each month awards the nicest logo used by the most important DXpeditions.

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Welcome to our new members Pasquale Pizzo, Antonio Cucurachi, Massimo Sabellico, Roberto Martorana, Sten Tegfors ,Vittorio Bussoni. IZ3GOO – MDXC #689 Pasquale Pizzo from Biancade (Tv) Italy; IK7LNC – MDXC #690 Antonio Cucurachi from Monteroni (Le) Italy; IK0RNR – MDXC #691 Massimo Sabellico from Fiuggi (Fr) Italy; IK1DFH –  MDXC #692 Roberto Martorana from Arma di Taggia (Im) Italy; SM4CTI – […]

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Welcome to our new members Jose M. Molero, Claudio Tiziani, Marco Cattaneo, Sergio Polverino, Claudio Moscatelli, Mario De Nicola, Stanislao Pecora, Juri Gherardi, Sergio Contu, Matteo Marangon. EB5BBM – MDXC #679 Jose M. Molero from Elche Spain; HB9OAU – MDXC #680 Claudio Tiziani from Caslano Switzerland; HB9EUY – MDXC #681 Marco Cattaneo from Montegrino Valtravaglia (VA) Italy; IW9FSG – MDXC #682 Sergio Polverino from Messina Italy; IK0ZIO […]

Little memories of Malpelo DXpedition 2012

The adventure of this great DXpedition is over. We want to remind to all Members that requests for HK0NA QSL, via our internal QSL service are accepted until February 24, 2012. Don’t forget to send your request in time: belated requests will not be processed. Meanwile here is a nice gift from HK0NA: a picture showing our flag… another […]