News from Bonaire. At the end of the 1st weekend PJ4C logbook reached over 18,000 QSOs.

On their website are also available first photos showing the equipment and operators at work.

Here are last news from their official bulletin:

All equipment is installed except the second antenna for 80m, but it will be soon.
Last night they had some difficulties with HF disturbing computers on 160m, that’s why they sometimes disapear, it is now fixed.

We also have many difficulties with HK0NA pileups for 2 reasons :
1)they were not supposed to be active now, so we did not arranged qrg with them befor departure
2) people do not understand CW and spot wrong calls on the cluster.
So from today we change all *.024 qrg to *.018 on CW. We have also asked the ops to give their callsign every qso to prevent any mistake.
Logs are uploaded real time on clublog for CW and SSB. The RTTY qso are uploaded manually 1 or 2 times per day.
If you are not in the log please work us again. If you cannot, send an email to the qsl manager AFTER the expedition.
Everything is going fine, Bonaire is a nice place, and ops have a lot’s of pleasure to work you !