We’re sponsor of HK0NA, Malpelo 2012

Next January 2012 will be on air HK0NA from Malpelo Is. IOTA SA-007.
The DXpedition is organized by DXARCDX Amateur Radio Club HK1NA – from Colombia. Team leader Jorge Prieto HK1R , other components: HK1T Jahm Salim Gechem, HK1X Pedro Claver Orozco, DJ9ZB Franz Lagner, HK1MW Bolmar Aguilar, HK1N Jaime Gomez, YV5SSB/6 Alexis Deniz, OH0XX Olli Matti Rissanen, HK3JJH Pedro Allina, W6IZT Gregg Marco Co-leader, K9SG Gary Stouder, K4UEE Bob Allphin Co-Leader, LU9ESD Manu Siebert, VE7CT Steve Wright, WB9Z Jerry Rosalius, JA8BMK Toshihiko Fukuta, W0GJ Glenn Johnson.

MDXC is one of the sponsors. Read more »

Online the Italian version of our portal

Welcome to the Italian version of MDXC portal!
In less than one month, from the birth of our new portal, here is the Italian version. An important step in the localization process of our internet offer, dedicated to the biggest community of MDXC Members.

The principal Portal is however this one! Localized versions are only a free space for local news and for translated version of main portal news.
Many wishes.


9M2/IZ1MHY on air from Redang Is. – Malaysia

Andrea Gili IZ1MHY (MDXC#148) will be active from Malaysia as 9M2/IZ1MHY from Sept. 27 to Oct. 9, 2011.

His holiday-style activity will be exactly from Redang Island ( IOTA AS#073 ) on 10, 15 and 20m with a vertical antenna and a 100 W transceiver.


QSL via Read more »

MDXC sponsor of TX7M, TX5A & TX3T Marquesas Is. 2011

From Oct. 19 to Nov. 4, 2011 will be on air TX7M, TX5A & TX3T from Marquesas Is. Another MDXC sponsored DXpedition!

DX activities will be from 2 different locations: Hatiheu, Nuku Hiva and Papeete, Tahiti. Team is composed by R3FA – Oleg Zhukov (Team Leader), FO5QB – Michel Huin, UU4JMG – Andrey Kotovsky, RK7A – Andrey Zhukov, UR5MID – Serge Redkin, RU3UR – Mike Alekseev, UT5UY – Alexey Yakovlev (Co Team Leader), US0KW – Aleksandr Betsan, UX0LL – Alexandr Pavlenko, UA7A – Leonid Kashigin and US7UX – Oleg Evtushenko, a lot of them from our friend Russian Robinson Club.

Here is the detailed table of their operations: Read more »

Nepal 2011 pin-back button

In less than 2 months Nepal 2011 DXpedition will be on air from the fascinating and far Himalayan country.

The international team is very busy to prepare everything with attention to the smallest details: nothing can be left up to fate. Each equipment is Read more »

9H3AT QSL preview

Raul Migliano, IC8ATA sent us a preview of his QSL card from Malta.
The holiday-style activity as 9H3AT extended in the island for a week (from Monday Aug 29 to Monday Sept 05, 2011) and he got around to doing visits to the Headquarter of Malta Amateur Radio League and Paul 9H1SP who helped him to organize everything (licence, accomodation …) in a perfect and quick way. Read more »

Rockall Island 2011 – IOTA EU#189

Another MDXC sponsored DXpedition!
Once again a Belgian DXpeditioners Team will activate the most wanted Rockall Island (IOTA EU#189)!

The callsign they’ll use is MM0RAI. Team members are: ON4HIL, ON4ATW, ON4AHF, ON5TN and ON7YT.
Three of them can be considered veterans becouse part of the team of May 2009 activation.

On Sept. 23 they’ll leave the ON-land and 4 days after will be to the Rockall Is. If all goes as planned they will be on the air around Sept 27 or 28, 2011.
Keep in mind that heavy seas or bad weather can delay operations! Please visit Read more »

The 6th World Meeting 2011 in short

The 6th World Meeting of Mediterraneo has just drawn down its courtain in complete success.
This year the main social event of MDXC took place, for the first time, in Northen Italy thanks to the care of all Members of Busto Arsizio (VA). They always believed in the growth and development of our Club, an enthusiasm shown also in this occasion.

However, the Meeting has been possible thanks to the essential application of the Sezione ARI di Busto Arsizio, Compendiofiere and the eroic work of Fabrizio Zanarotti IK2KXC and Giuliano Mondini IK2VUC (MDXC Coordinator of Lombardia). Read more »

Welcome to…

Life blood of Mediterraneo DX Club is with no dubt constituted by its Members.
Welcome to… is our new way to introduce MDXC new Members to all community.

Where are they from? What are their interests?… just a few infos to learn more about them and an easier way to get in contact with everybody.
New-Members-Counter is the only one we consider important, so the only word we feel to say to our new friends is Thank You for Joining Us !

Survey: The 2011 DXCC Most Wanted Entities

If you’re an MDXC Member… you’re by definition a DX hunter! Which are your most wanted entities?

The Official DX Survey 2011 (by DX Publishing) is waiting for your list; deadline for entry is October 15, 2011.
Just a few weeks and we can know the most precious entities in amateur radio community. However survey results Read more »

IC8LC from Licosa Is.

IC8LC from Licosa Is. will be on air from Sept 10 to 11, 2011.
Activation is organized by ARI Battipaglia DX Team.

Licosa Is. is a valid entity for several awards and its references are: IOTA EU-031- IIA SA-001- MIA MI-051 Read more »

New Portal

MDXC portal updates its look with new graphics and renewed technical management.

This new look edition is not to follow trends or ephemeral perfectionism but is an answer to our renewed care for new information technologies and data integration. These have been the puropses of 4 Members who worked hardly to setup our new portal during the last few months. Read more »