TO6OK Mayotte isl.

Czech DX Team (Petr OK1BOA, Petr OK1FCJ, Pavel OK1GK , Ruda OK2ZA, Ludek OK2ZC, Karel OK2ZI, David OK6DJ) have announced they will be active from Mayotte between September 20 to October 6, 2018. [website]

Modes: SSB, CW, RTTY (incl FT8)
Radios: Elecraft K3, Kenwood TS480 (both multiple units).
PA: Expert 1,3k-FA, JUMA’s, RF Power.
10-15-20 incl WARC
3 x Spiderbeam
VDA antennas
30 vert + 2 el radials
40 4SQ
80 vertical + radials, 1/4 vert + radials
160 vertical + capacitive hat
RX: Beverages + DHDL
Focus on low bands

QSL via MDXC QSL SERVICE for members or via OK6DJ, OQRS, LoTW. [text Dx-World]


Oliver DK7TXm is actived as SV8/DK7TX from 9th september until 15th sept. from 3 different island valid for IOTA EU-052, holiday style qsl via home call.:

-paxos island
-vido island
-corfu island

Friedrichshafen 2018

we were there, with many old and new friends, for a few days in full ham spirit, thanks to all those who have come to visit us.

see the photos :

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On the road again, and this time on the road toAfrica to reach their next QTH on far from Harare: just in the middle of a great safari land . As a matter of fact, the leader Antonio, IZ8CCW and the co-leader Gabriele, I2VGW, are happy to announce to the Dxer Comunity the new adventure with the international MDXC team: Zimbabwe 2018. The license is already in the leaders’s hands as Z23MD and they planned to be on air from October 26 to November 6th
According to the evaluations that they have done, they are confident to give to a lot of dxers the possibility to work this Country in the Low bands, Warc and especially in the Digis modes.
At the moment the team is already built by experienced operators: 20 peoeple coming from 8 (eight) Countries. On the air will be five stations, any mode, around the clock.
For any further news and updates please stay tune: the official web site of this new great adventure is coming. Of course any donation and sponsorship will be very very appreciated by the entire team! The official web site by the way is already on line:


Stan LZ1GC will be active from  Samoa (5W0GC) & Vanuatu (YJ0GC).

  • 5W0GC between September 28 to October 14, 2018.
  • YJ0GC between October 15 to November 4, 2018.

Both activities will be from 160-6m; CW, SSB and RTTY. Focus will be 160 / 80m

QSL via MDXC QSL SERVICE for our members


members of Russian Robinson Club will be active as C96RRC and C98RRC from Mozambique Island, IOTA AF – 088 and Inhaca Island, IOTA AF – 066.
Team – Vasily R7AL, Vasily RA1ZZ, Al RZ3K, Vlad RK8A, Aleksey, RN3BZ.
DX Pedition pilot – Victor UA3AKO – QSL via R7AL, ClubLog OQRS (preferred way), free for MDXC members, via QSL Service
IOTA AF – 088, C96RRC 29 April – 3 May 2018.
IOTA AF – 066, C98RRC 5 – 9 May 2018.

DX Pedition website –

TJ3TT Cameroon

JA3USA,I2YSD,IK2CIO,IK2CKR,IK2DIA,IK2HKT will be active from Cameroon as TJ3TT during March 15-29, 2018. Info here

qsl is ok via our qsl-service

Annobon IOTA AF-039 & Bioko AF-010

DXCC most wanted list (February 2018):

    • Annobon (prefix 3C0, Club Log’s most wanted #47, IOTA AF-039)
    • Bioko (prefix 3C3, Club Log’s most wanted #57, IOTA AF-010)


Expedition website:

QSL is free for MDXC, via qslservice

H40D – Taumako Island, OC-179

upcoming operation from Duff Island (OC-179), Temotu, scheduled between April 29 and May 3! In the project there is also the idea to active Russell (OC-168), more info later ….

official site:

QSL free via qsl service for MDXC members

3C0L & 3C1L Story

Hello friends!

Thank you all for supporting and following our expedition, this is our story and we hope you will enjoy reading it.

At the beginning I intended this expedition to be a relatively quick reconnaissance expedition with a two-man team and with the main purpose to collect information and make new contacts for a larger expedition in future. The aim of this reconnaissance expedition was to get to know how to acquire operating licenses and to find possible QTH positions, to get familiar with living conditions and more, and of course, if possible to work on the air as well. In the end, this turned out to be much more than that.

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H40GC Story

Temotu Province, Santa Cruz Islands group ( H40 )in Pacific area  is a very sought-after destination by many radio amateurs around the World! In 2016 and early of 2017, Temoto Province (H40) occupied 30th place in the CLUBLOG list for the most  wanted countries. It is currently on 46th place and is still needed by many radio amateurs in worldwide, especially  on SSB. The H40GC DXpedition 2017 was my second activation on this rare country. My first activation of this country was from Lata, Nendo Island ( IOTA OC – 100) – between October 4 and October 17, 2016. It is already known to me destination – the organization of the expedition H40GC 2017 was related to less unknowns! On the other hand, this time I had a serious commitment – besides the HF activation of this country, I had to carry out a humanitarian mission under the auspices of INDEXA and with the generous participation of CDXA & CDXF, Kontrax Ltd – Bulgaria and Andy, LZ2HM. Here I would like to point out that all individual and corporative sponsors, as well as all amateur clubs, associations and organizations that sponsored me before the expedition in practice are also participants in this humanitarian mission, for which I thank them. Read more »


Andrea, IK7YTT mdxc #750, will be active from Cambodia as XU7YTT between February 9-14, 2018. QRV on HF bands. QSL via IW7EGQ. For MDXC members qsl via qslservice.