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  1. Hey Guys! Hoping to catch you on 160m CW for my #297 country. I will have to hear you long path (you beam SSE, I beam SSW) near SR or SS, due to aurora blocking Florida. Wishing you all the best DX’pedition ever. 73 / Doug / Nx4d

  2. Ciao

    21076kHz JT65

    0454 -22 -0.5 2011 # 3W3MD JI1… PM95

    cached this JA stn, maybe later a quick 3W3MD peak to SAM?

    Good DX!

    Hasta luego

  3. In general the signals are not very strong in ON , but is compensiated by GREAT OP’s

    Looking for more RTTY

    Ben ON5GQ

  4. Good job and nice signal in ON.
    It seems there is a problem with the on-line log this morning….
    My qso’s already registered in your log are now deleted …
    Pse check.

  5. When 160/80 Meters for NA? I am getting up you sunset to my sunrise every day. You do not come on 160 or 80 until after US sunrise?

  6. Looking forward to 6th November log update to confirm successfull contact yesterday under very weak signal conditions.

  7. Si buongiorno,penso che ci siano ancora problemi di internet ancora ad oggi mi mancano dei qso anche ad altri om comunque si risolverà! Spero! Grazie cmq a tutti gli operatori molto bravi 73 IZ2LSP

  8. Nice expedition, congratulations!!

    Have any problem with the logs in rtty mode?

    Not appear in the log,many stations have the same problem,I see this in the cluster

    Thanks, 73

  9. qso in RTTY, vi segnalo che il 4/11 qso in DIGI 20mtr a log compare call non corretto I5ZF invece di I5ZUF.
    mancano qso DIGI in 30m ed ancora in 20m del giorno 5/11.
    Potete verificare???
    Complimenti per la spedizione, segnali sempre OK ed operatori di alto livello, ciao 73.

  10. Needed 3W on 30 & 40 meters. Very short window for E coast USA. During the window your group either working JA or EU or other bands. Congratulations to JA with 20 plus contacts. Many E coast USA with none. This will be last time I donate to your group.

  11. CONGRATULATIONS for excellent operation.
    Please, check my QSO on 28510MHz last friday november 6 at 10.06UTC.
    Can not find it in the on line log.
    Thank you very much and enjoy it¡

  12. Complimenti per la spedizione e agli ottimi operatori!
    In genere non chiedo verifiche, ma state per terminare ed ho paura di non riuscire a collegarvi di nuovo.
    Nel log mancano due QSO in RTTY di cui sono certo:

    30m: 07/11/2015 23:37 IZ0INX
    10m: 08/11/2015 11:14 IZ0INX

    Se potete fare una verifica ve ne sarei grato, altrimenti pazienza e complimenti ancora, ieri sera qui a Roma arrivavate a bomba in tutte le bande!
    73, Filippo IZ0INX

  13. Try to be QRV on 160m a few minutes before please . Today I listen 3w with fine signals at 18:40 UTC and this signals was decreasing minute after minute. Best 73 guys!!!

  14. Greetings, my name is Michael, my call is EA5AQL wanted to ask, please, if you could check the log of 11.07.2015, I contacted this day 3W3MB 21290 295 split at 16:07 UTC, but I see my call in the log, I’m sure of that because I heard the operator spend on 5/9, I hope your answer, thank you very much.

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