Official Barbecue, Good Score!

Hallo guys  from  this side of Indian Ocean! First question: Have you ever partecipate to an Official Barbecue on the beach? May be not or may be not in the malgascian style like us on Saturday Night.



So please imagine this picture: The Ocean and the Radio Wawes , a romantic sky plenty of stars over our heads. wonderful flames, small Banana’s trees put on the beach to create a magic atmosphere, and big , great Mango trees on the backside of the garden. And then, obviuously, luxury food on the grill. cooked by  a skill chef and served by the nice and smiling  girls of the Nosy Be Hotel.

IMG_6468 IMG_6490



IMG_6476This is the picture of a rare, as a matter of fact, unique occasion of friendship and fun exactly the team had  with also the partecipation of an official Malgascian Lions Club delegation

And the score at the shack? Step by step, Qsos after Qsos we  reached the good  score  of sixty five thousand contacts at the moment of writing these lines

Not so bad, Do you don’t think so?

Tomorrow afternoon , last day of our activity, we’ll starting to put off the antennas after the final rush …and in the Farewell Evening we’ll put up our glasses of beer and wine!




Radio, Sun , Fun and……..After  five days of operations at the shack the dream team of 5R8M is quite close to the target of 30.000 qsos. All the members are very motivated and determinate to increase step by step the total score of our dxpedition on AF057, Nosy Be island, and give in any mode/band to as many as possible people around the world. As a matter of fact are many the guys contacted that said to us: ” Thanks so much for the new one!”


Just to give you an idea at the moment of writing these lines the RTTY team score more than 6000 qsos and the CW scores is around 10000 qsos.

Today the team with great ham spirit and fun has gone togheter on the beach at noon for the usual official pictures of 5R8M Dxpetidion.

We took a lot of photos with the national flags, the sponsors logos and with ..or without our nice Yls

Saturday 25th at the Evening we had the great opportunity to have an official visit at the shack followed by a dinner of the diplomatic rapresentative of Itay at Nosy be island, Mr Claudio Siragusa. With Him also another italian autorithy and popular personality of this wonderful location, Mr Luciano Uboldi, previous diplomatic rapresentative of Italy here and co-founder of the humanitarian project of the italian hospital of the island called “Santa Maria della Grazia”

IMG_5890DSC_0013 (2)

Mr Claudio Siragusa had the pleasure to have a short official speech during dinner with grateful and nice words to our international amateur radio team and about our important activity in the world

That’s all for now, guys!

Plaese call and call us again !  We are here for this reason , so don’t worry and be happy…like us

DSC_0019 (2)DSC_0041 (2)






The dream team is on the air with fun!

IMG_5059Hallo guys of the magic ,wonderful world of dx! So, after two days of working harder and harder it’s time now to say you that all the antennas has been put up on the beach of Nosy Be (location Nosy Be Hotel) and that the dream team is happy and in good health to give you as many qsos as possible in any band/modes possible..HI!


IMG_5078We left Milano Malpensa  after the usual a very good and appreciated Pasta Bolognese style lunch followed as usual by the Roberta (I2VGW, co-leader YL) Dxpedition cake of seaworld inspiration this time. The after the great frienship and hospitality offered by the nice OM partner of every our Dxped: the friends of Ari-Busto Radio Club. As a matter of fact then at the check-in counter of our flight to Nosy Be the airlines company,Neos did not gave us any alternative and asked us to pay an extracharge of overweight (equipments,antennas etc) of 2200 Euros!!IMG_5104

A very unpleasant gift…so please remember this …if you are going to make any donations because after this adventure any donations by each of you will be veru very appreciated believe us!


At the moment of writing this lines we have four stations ( 1 CW, 2 PHONE, 1 RTTY) on air  h 24, ten antennas on the beach and we put in our log 7000 qsos in all modes

Here you can find a great selection of wonderful pictures of our adventure in AF057 till this moment…

Keep on touch with us…and call call call us please!







Miss Ginevra join the team!

Hallo guys! Do you rememberDario IT9ZZo Dario, IT9ZZO ” The super Doctor”,  one of the great , motivate operator of  our usual dxpedition team? Yes of course. May be some of you wonder how Dario is not of the team this time, and, as a matter of fact, here you can find the right answer…Ginevra. Yes the very Young Lady, Miss Ginevra has just arrived this morning in this world to say: hallo to mum, Iole and daddy, Dario and of course to say “Ciao ragazzi,  have a nice Dxpedition in Madagascar!” to our team leaving to Nosy Be (AF057). And so Ginevra is for sure the best qso that “The Super Doctor” made for this special occasion.


Congratulations! Happy Family…..and don’t worry Miss Ginevra you are already in our hearts …and in our log!



Boarding? Yes please

The 5r8 Team is ready to board!!!

Just few hours and all the woderful 19 people ( Four Super Nice YL and 15 Super Professional Operators from the world)  are on the way to join  the local friend Michele, IK5ZUI, who did a very great job , and share the new MDXC great adventure , this time in Madagascar Land

Before leaving we’ll meet as usual at ARI Busto Club to have the traditional  Spaghettata with the even more traditional Roberta DxPedition Cake……

Be ready in the shack, like we all are ready to give you a lot of QSos , Fun and Frienship!!




beach1In less than few days, 5R8M, Nosy Be Island (AF057)  the dxpedition organized by the Mediterraneo Dx Club, in Madagascar from October 21st to November 3rd, will be on air.

Recently we have had new great arrivals and now our complete team, with so many well know and experienced guys, is the following :

IZ8CCW – Team Leader, Gabriele, I2VGW  Team Co-Leader , ON4LO Francois, ON7RN Eric, F6ENO Alain, F2DX Patrick, F5EOT Michel, F1HRE Henri, F5NKX  Jean-Jacques, IZ2GNQ Marco, IK5ZUI Michele, IK4MTK Mario, IK4QJF Fabio, OE3JAG Karl, YO9XC Ovidio and YO5OED Feri  

The whole team is very motivated and so ready to hardly work 24/24 hours each day to give  to the greatest number possible of dxers, from all over the world, the greatest number possible of new ones baNds/modes with four stations (2 CW-1 SSBand 1 RTTY) plus, may be, a mixed station more and really daily time monitoring the Six Meters Propagation

If, as all of us wish, the internet connection will allow it, on our official web-site ( , we’ll keep on touch every day with the dxer community and we’ll update our log in real time.During our permanence in Nosy Be we kindly ask you to send any question only to our  pilots IK7JTF (for Europa), N1DG (for USA) and IK0FTA for Six Meters

We’d like just to remind you that any help and donations will be very very appreciated because all the planned costs are aldready increased at the check-in for the luggage weight and the severe rules of the airline.  
We suggested you to spend a minute, time to time, visiting our web site ( to stay tune and to insert your comments, suggestions, etc.
We are waiting for you on air
73’s de 5R8M team

All is ready

5R8M_QTH1Team, equipment, licence etc, … all is ready for this new adventure.


Licences for a new great adventure

5r8m5r8cNosy Be is an island off the northwest coast of Madagascar Nosy Be is Madagascar’s largest and busiest tourist resort. It has an area of 312 square kilometres (120 sq mi) and its population was officially estimated at 36,636 in 2001. Nosy Be means “big island” in the local idiom. The island was called Assada during the early colonial era of the seventeenth century. Nosy Be has been given several nicknames over the centuries, including “Nosy Manitra” (the scented island). And Nosy Be will be on the air by the International Team of Mediterraneo Dx Club. So we can say, once more, with proud this time: a nice coast to coast  from Mediterraneo to Indian Ocean! Here you can see the two licenses issued to our Team Leader, Antonio, IZ8CCW and Co-Leader, Gabriele, I2VGW. A very good picture to see..not only for us. HI!

Madagascar DXCC analysis


this is the DXCC most wanted analysis of Madagascar. Your focus is to RED color bands and modes. 73’s 5R8M team

A nice Lemure for our adventure

logoHere is! This is the Official logo of 5R8M dx-pedition.

Thanks so much to Nino Iz8WLZ, our graphic designer who prepared also this logo with the nice official animal rapresentative of Madagascar: the Lemure. Any dx bulletin and magazine can use our logo to give everywhere and everybody the best  diffusion and circulation of news about our next dxpedition. Thanks for your cooperation. Stay tune!