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9L0W QSL preview

The adventure story

On Tuesday around midday Heye – DJ9RR was starting with CQ. Immediately a big CW pile-ups, both from DX end and from the tDxers chaser´s side.

All the DX station want to hear ´5NN`or 5NN di-dit. On the next days we built up our 2 Spiderbeams, Verticals and Wire–Antennas.

We settled into a routine. Food is very important on such trips and we had wonderful breakfast of omlets, fresh fruits, fish and lots of toast.

We tried to delay it until after the early morning JA rush on 30m and 40m. We had only one other meal each day-lunch about 6pm and during this time it was the maintenance of our big 6KW generator.

During our time, Jan-DJ8NK spent mostly time for RTTY. All others were running in CW and SSB.

Andreas-DL9CW was our 6m Op, Karl- DK2WV spend at night his time for 60m and Andy DL5CW on Top Band.We stayed in a simple but clean hut in the island .

After a few days the CW-Contest was gone and the weather was changing.

Always we had everyday sunshine and approximately 33 Grd C. But in the second week in the night rain comes for 1 to 2 hours. (more…)

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