C6AGW, Bahamas Islands round trip by I2VGW

We are pleased to announce a new DXpedition by I2VGW: an holiday style round trip to the islands of Columbus’ first landfall in the New World. Gabriele has already in his hands licence and callsign, so he plans to be operating as C6AGW starting April 26th through May 6th from New Providence main island (NA 001), Bimini Islands, (NA048) and Berry Islands (NA054), two quite rare and claimed IOTA references. And, what’s more, before come back to Italy, from Long Island (NA-001). So, copy and listen carefully to catch the right reference and location.

Please keep in mind that, this time, it will be a very holiday style operation (with his first mate and supporter: his wife Roberta).
In any case, as usual, Gabriele will give great emphasis to digital modes and WARC bands but SSB too.
C6AGW  set up will be a new dipole to test,  Icom 7200, vertical HF3 and a Buddipole.
For further informations now and any update, during the I2VGW’s trip, please give a look at his DXpedition web site : http://www.mdxc.org/c6agw

The Mediterraneo DX Club is proud to support this Dxpedition. Website, media promotion, online log-check, propagation forecasts and assistance during I2VGW operations are offered by MDXC DX-pedition staff.

All regular Members will be able to receive free the QSL card of C6AGW thanks to our internal QSL service.

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2 Responses to “C6AGW, Bahamas Islands round trip by I2VGW”

  1. Fred Hurd - W4PKU says:

    Gabriele – Have fun and be safe on your trip to the Banamas Islands! Please try to give we IOTA chasers a bit of advanced notice as to date and UTC times when you expect to operate from NA-048 and NA-054. That will be a big help in making sure we are listening for you!

    Many Thanks!
    FRED (W4PKU)

  2. IQ8MD says:

    Today at 20utc Gabriele send the first CQ from C6.