Inside Brunei Darussalam

A DX-pedition isn’t only and always synonymous with DX but also a precious occasion to know new and far places. Brunei is a very charming country: people is incredibily hospital and friendly, places are so beautiful and magic. So, Ant IZ8CCW and Gabriele I2VGW didn’t let the chance slip and went up the Sangai Tutong […]

Rain, Propagation & Pile-up

No. Henri , F1HRE, isn’t playing “hide and seek” but merely protecting the equipments and himself from the nth daily downpour. It’s a continuous follow one another between good weather and downpour. This is also Brunei during these days: everything is unpredictable, as the propagation. So, if a day, around the greyline time, 40 and […]

Swimming, crocodiles and CQDX

News coming from the boys in V8-land are also today interesting and rich of feshness. Hospitality and friendship of Gemilang OMs continue surprising everyone of the team. Official meetings continued also during the week-end and on Sunday all people from Tutong District has been invited to visit all stations of the DXpedition. Five operators showed […]


The online log-check, in use by V84SMD, is able to work both (near)-realtime and manual modes. The system, in use for the 1st time by our DX-pedition, allows to check your QSOs but also shows wich operator (band & mode included) is on air, statistics on the DX-pedition activity, a map of the last QSOs […]

Follow the album

One of the most attractive pages in a DX-pedition website is the one dedicated to the album. Watching faces and places of a DX-pedition is a kind of magic moment, when everyone of us is magically carried away, where everything is always beautiful and different. Places where our every-day boring stuffs are enough far. Why […]

News from the “Abode of Peace”

“Abode of Peace” is the second name of Brunei and the experiences of V84SMD boys are confirming this. After setting up all equipments, DX-pedition operations go on regularly. Out of (radio) turn, they can delight in tasting the spicy and coloured local food. Their particular interests focus on European-like food, expecially chicken, prawns, shrimps. Drinks […]

DXpedition Service

Website, layout and IT infrastructure are offered FREE to all sponsored DXpeditions by MDXC.

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