Dear Members,

like every year, we kindly ask you to confirm your membership in the Club and, like every year, we ask you to do everything possible to support the Mediterraneo DX Club to remains on the top sponsors of DXand IOTA expeditions. The help that we can give to the Teams and individual operators will depend in full from your renewals that sounds the only source of our internal self-financing contemplated by our internal regulations… that allows, in the facts, to sponsor the BEST all around! The renewal fee is, as usual, on volunteer choice. Please note only that for the QSL service, to cover the raw costs, 20EUR are needed.

1) Non-renewal preclude the right to access the services offered by MDXC, conventions and the use of your number in MDXC.

2) Non-renewal preclude use of your MDXC ID.

The serious  work of our members, since 15 years looks as well-established at all the levels and sounds able to point-out, into the international DX community, that the MDXC members are very present and active in a serious and decisive manner. … Be present, and enjoy a good consideration, within the international DX circuits, various ham radio sectors, institutions, external parts and so on sounds like “the noble reason” and great pride of each of us.

Best Regards.