Kenneth, LA7GIA and Adrian, KO8SCA bring some good news for the festive period!

“We have received an invitation from the Ministry to come and do amateur radio transmission in Somalia. We have received the license 6O6O, and we travel Jan 3rd. We hope to be QRV in the evening local time. We will stay there for 12 full days operating on all modes/bands 160-10m. However, this will mostly be a CW operation”.

Kenneth goes on to say:

LoTW certificate is received. Our gear consists of:

* 2 x Elecraft K3 radios
* 2 X PA (Elecraft KPA500 W + 1kW amplifier)
* 2 el beam 20-10m
* BigIr 40-10m vertical
* 80m, full size vertical
* 160m, inv L
* RX antennas: 200m beverages to NA, EU, VK, Asia and SA.
* We have some backup TX antennas and RX antennas (K9AY, BOG)

QSL manager will be Charles M0OXO.

In conjunction with this trip we organize a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders in Somalia. All donations received will be earmarked to DWOB in Somalia. Donations are not sought for the ham side of the DXpedition, but we hope everyone will consider a small contribution to the fundraiser. Contributions can be given either by paypal or when doing OQRS through M0OXO website. If we have good wifi – we will provide instant Club Log and LoTW QSL SERVICE ACTIVE FOR MDXC MEMBERS

Please see for details. [dx-world]