It’s a  magic, long history of friendship, the history among worldwide DXers.
And, every days, these magic moments are always new .

So it’s with great happiness that recently we have written together with all nations MDXC friends a new chapter of this history.

More than 200 Clipperton DX Club members (in these pics some popular faces of big guns) are, as a matter of fact, assembled, for celebrating the Convention  number 33 on the Island of Noirmoutier (EU064 for the IOTA aficionados and QTH of  F9IE, Bernard).

It has been a great week-end in the name of the DX and also a good opportunity to shack a lot of hands and introduce to the world DX community our next DXpedition in Nepal as 9N7MD.

And, what’ s more, the first occasion to wear, all togheter, the Nepal 2011 official pin too.

Organized “impec” by our ami and 9N7MD DXpedition CW leader Bernard, F9IE, the Convention has seen the participation of another experienced and skilled RTTY and Digi member of our Nepal adventure: Henri, F1HRE.
Among the foreign members of CDXC attended to the convention: Franz, DJ9ZB, President of the German DX Foundation, Kiki, SV1BRL, et Fivos SV8AQY, ON5JV Jean, ON6AK Georgette, I2VGW, Gabriele, the first Italian DXer, in the long history of the Clipperton DX Club to receive this year the precious and unique Merit du CDXC.



Once again the CDXC president Flo, F5CWU, the honour president, Gerard F2VX (in the pic the well known face) and all the members of the CDXC  directive bureau has shown great and solid friendship towards the Mediterraneo DX Club.

Thierry F4TTR, president of the Radio Club Provins, the well known F6KOP, ties with us by a deep and aged collaboration.

Thanks to all our friends!
Last but not least there is another great news: the F6KOP DXpedition in Cameroun on February (TJ9PF) has been voted by all world members of the Clipperton DXC: DXPEDITION OF THE YEAR 2011.

Warmest congratulations to all the team members and first of all to another our great friend F4AJQ, Frank.

May be the next DXpedition of the year will be our adventure in Nepal? In any case: where can we find friends like these?