During the week-end, under the italian rains (cats and dogs raining, hi) Gabriele, I2VGW has tested all the antennas and the equipments for his Bahamas round trip . As announced he plans to be operating as C6AGW starting April 26th through May 6th from Biminis islands, NA048 and/or Berry islands (NA054) quite rare Iota references and, of course, also from New Providence and Long Island, Great Bahama Bank (NA 001). Following also the requestes of many lighthouses chasers Gabriele would like to confirm that all these references will be printed on his Qsl card. That’s meaning: New Providence main Is. LH 1115 and NA-001;Long Is. LH 1898 and NA-001 Bimini (South) LH 2467 and NA-048 Berry Is. (Gr.Stirrup Cay) LH 1903 and NA 054. We remind you that this new Gabriele’s adventure will be an holiday style operation. In any case Gabriele, as usual, will give great emphasis to digital modes and Warc bands but he’ll keep in his mind SSB too.

He’ll take with him his Icom 7200, an Hampole, a KW5 and a Buddipole. For more info and any updates visit the dxped web site:


Gabriele will be supported by MDXC with log online, news in realtime,pictures and videos.