Just received from the 3D2C Team:

It is with great excitement, that we announce that our preparations for a large multi-national Dxpedition to Conway Reef are going according to plan. We now have 19 operators from all over the globe to participate in this tent and generator operation.
Conway Reef is located in the South Pacific Ocean and is #35 on Club Log’s most wanted DXCC list.
The bulk of our equipment has arrived and is staged in Suva, Fiji. ICOM is shipping the IC-7600 rigs to us this week, which will travel with the team to Suva. Our advance team is arriving in Suva on September 21 to commence with equipment testing and loading on our vessel, the venerable Island Dancer II.
The main Team is meeting in Lami Bay, Suva and departing by ship to Conway Reef on September 24th. The Team expects to arrive at Conway Reef and become active on September 26th. We will complete our Dxpedition on October 5th, 2012 and return to Suva.
The main goals of this DXpedition are to work every amateur radio operator who needs Conway Reef for a new DXCC country. In addition, we will be active on all bands from 1.8 MHz to 144 MHz, including the 5MHz and 50 MHz bands.
We will be active on CW, SSB and RTTY. Special attention will be made to work far away stations such as Europe and Africa during those periods when propagation permits. The propagation window for EU and Africa is very brief at times and signals may be weak, so we ask everyone in the honored HAM SPIRIT to stand by when asked so that we may fulfill this need. Our destination will have a wide range of options and possibilities.
We will use our Satellite phones to upload our logs on a daily basis to our on-line log. We will upload to LOTW approximately six months following the DXpedition.
Our team consists of these Operators: Hrane-YT1AD-Leader, Aleksej-UA4HOX-Co-Leader-Operations, Paul-N6PSE-Co-Leader-PR & Fundraising, David-WD5COV, Vasily-RW4NW, David-AH6HY, Alan-K6SRZ-Team Physician, Alan-AD6E, Sergej-RZ3FW, Craig-K9CT, Stan-LZ1GC, George-N6NKT, Peter-PY5CC, Mike-K6MKF, Jim-K9JM, Miguel-PY3MM, Luciano-PY5KD, Dragan-YT3W and Tevita-3D2TR.
Our Pilot Stations are: Aca-YU1AA, Toma-YU1AB and Andre-V51B.
We wish everyone good propagation and we hope that you enjoy working the 3D2C Team.
We are very grateful to INDEXA, NCDXF and all of the Clubs and individuals who have provided monetary support for this Dxpedition. We sincerely hope we can satisfy your needs! At this time, we are seeking additional Club and Individual Sponsors to help us defray the costs of carrying out this DXpedition. Donations can be made via the 3D2C web page. OQRS will be available upon completion of the Dxpedition.

3D2C Team

MDXC is one of the sponsor, available also the QSL SERVICE

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