Well it has finally arrived, what many have been waiting for years to see. Clublog is now starting to electronically match IOTA qso’s with Logs on the Clublog system that will ultimately give IOTA accreditation without having to produce a card for checking.

Bear in mind, this is not the full-blown system envisaged for introduction next year. They will expand the list of accepted operations over the coming weeks and months but, much as we would like to do more, it will be mainly in the area of recent operations from the rarer IOTA groups and, of course, ones that have uploaded logs to Club Log and indicated that they do not wish to delay or block IOTA QSO matching..

Lets hope some of those cards we have been waiting for for several years may not now be required and fingers crossed a log may be in the system.

The new system gave me only two new IOTA’s for which I did not have cards but I was very pleased with that. This is how i used the system;

1) First of all you need your full log on the Clublog Database
2) Then go to the IOTA site and Log in….and select  ClubLog QSO matchesm0oxo1





3) Scroll down and you will see the list of IOTA’s that you are ready to submit to the IOTA checkpoint









4) Prior to today, all the ones in the list would have been added manually when either you receive a card or when the station has been in an IOTA contest and submitted a log that matched but this changed today with Clublog.

5) Now you can connect to Clublog.

6) Fill in the form below….










7)………it will match all of your log to the uploaded IOTA logs in Clublog and automatically add them to the list WITHOUT the need for any QSL Cards being needed. Basically its LOTW for IOTA but by using Clublog.

8) The result you will see here is that the first entry for FT4JA Juan De Nova has now been added automatically (plus several more) and I do not need to pay for a card or indeed to submit one to IOTA as it has been ”matched” electronically.








Kindest regards, CharlesM0OXO

MDXC #213