hi members, we recived the OK from Adhi YB3MM mdxc #021
for recive via QSL Service this qsl.
– YB3MM/8 (OC-219, OC-209)
– YB8RW/P (OC-209, OC-210), Feb~Mar 2014
– All callsigns during Tahulandang Is OC-210 pedition, Apr 2014
– All callsigns during Lembeh Is OC-236 pedition, Jan~Feb 2014
– All callsigns during Siladen Is OC-236 pedition, 14~18 May 2014
– YC8UTI and YC8SCO homecall

PLEASE only for this, can you wrtie to mdxc@mdxc.org
object CALL of station you working
in the message
date – bands- modes – time

send please in one email date only for single call !
deadline 15/0June/2014

thanks MDXC H.Q.