MDXC portal updates its look with new graphics and renewed technical management.

This new look edition is not to follow trends or ephemeral perfectionism but is an answer to our renewed care for new information technologies and data integration. These have been the puropses of 4 Members who worked hardly to setup our new portal during the last few months.

We’re sure that new features offered by the site will improve communication and interactions among Members and between Members and HQ.

In the typical style of Mediterraneo DX Club, none of those who worked on the new site is looking for visibility or public honours, however we can’t get out of expressing our very special thanks for their efforts.

Don’t hesitate to send us your suggestions and stay tuned with us for new updates and services offered by MDXC. During the 6^ World Meeting on Sept. 10, 2011 will be shown more in detail some of our new offers.

Editor’s note: becouse of the awful lot of work, in the next few weeks will be published little by little all articles and contents (a pile-up of 14 years of activity!) from the old site. We thank you very much for patience.