A new sponsored Dxpedition fills our basket: the rare Swains Island. As always, for our regular Members will be easy and free to receive the NH8S QSL, directly at home, thanks to our internal QSL SERVICE.

Here is the Official press reease about the DXpedition.

Scheduled for September 4 – 18, 2012

Joe W8GEX and Craig K9CT are pleased to announce they are planning another DXpedition to a rare DX entity. Joe and Craig were the co-leaders of the very successful PJ7E DXpedition on 10-10-10. Before that, they were part of the team that re-activated Midway K4M in 2009.

This DXpedition will be to Swains Island in September 2012. Swains ranks number 31 on the DX Magazine Most Wanted Survey and number 30 on Club Log’s Most Wanted list. Because of the anticipated demand, a highly experienced team of 20 operators has been formed. The team will operate six stations over a 14 day period, from 160 to 6 meters on all modes, using the callsign NH8S. Great emphasis will be put on Europe where it is most needed.

Operators & Support Team members include: AA4NN + XYL, DJ7JC, DL3DXX, DL9RCF, I8NHJ, K5AB, K6MM, K9CT, K9NW, KB8OCP, N1DG, N2TU, N4HH, N4XP, N6HC, NA6M, ND2T, NI6T, SM5AQD, W4BUW, W6KK, W6XA, W8CAA, W8GEX, W8TN, and WB9Z.

Swains is a privately owned island and the only way to get there is from American Samoa via ship. The time frame of this operation may not be the best for the low bands, but dates are dictated by transportation and weather. The team of international operators will first gather in Honolulu and then travel to American Samoa together. Landing permission has been granted for the tent and generator operation by the owner for this timeframe.

This website, developed by team member John, K6MM, will be updated frequently before and during the operation, as new information becomes available. There are no communication systems on Swains, but logs will be uploaded daily via satellite phone. Later, the group will also have an OQSL link on the website for easy QSLing.

All equipment must be sent from the US via cargo ship in June. Location, transportation, island costs, and other logistics make this a costly trip. Therefore, donations are very much appreciated. Just click the “Donate” button for more information.

We want to thank ICOM, who will be supplying IC7600s for our use. Thanks also to Joe, AA4NN, who will be the QSL manager, and to Carl, N4AA of the DX Magazine who will sponsor the log search.

The team is grateful for the opportunity to activate a rare DXCC entity and, hopefully, work thousands of other DXers worldwide. We look forward to having fun and making life-long friends.

CU in the pileups!

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Your NH8S Team