Another MDXC sponsored DXpedition!
Once again a Belgian DXpeditioners Team will activate the most wanted Rockall Island (IOTA EU#189)!

The callsign they’ll use is MM0RAI. Team members are: ON4HIL, ON4ATW, ON4AHF, ON5TN and ON7YT.
Three of them can be considered veterans becouse part of the team of May 2009 activation.

On Sept. 23 they’ll leave the ON-land and 4 days after will be to the Rockall Is. If all goes as planned they will be on the air around Sept 27 or 28, 2011.
Keep in mind that heavy seas or bad weather can delay operations! Please visit their website for details and latest news:

Due to the critical conditions, they ask everybody to:

Please do not work us on multiple bands, weather permitting we will only have 48 hours on the rock , maybe even less.
Remember others are trying to get through the pile up for a new one too.


QSL will be sent to MDXC Members also via our FREE internal QSL-service


[UPDATE] Sept. 30, 2011
Here is an audio interview published on the official site of the DXpedition where they tell what are going to do in the next coming days.





Interactive Map
Interactive Map