We are one month away from the start of our operation. PY2DM, Mamiro and PY5HSD, Herminio joined the group due to personal priorities of the former members.
We are working on the last minute logistic issues as well as on final preparation of our operation. Although Air Pacific has changed our flights schedule multiple times, we are confident that we can keep up with the announced schedule. The first station should be on the air in the first GMT hours of Oct 16th. Then we will gradually have all 4 stations running.

The quality and even the availability of local Internet need to be confirmed. Our goal is to upload logs in Clublog daily as well as send news to the community periodically.
The current DXpeditions in the Pacific area give us additional information about the likely local propagation behavior on HF. We emphasize that we plan to have Low Band stations in every SR/SS as well as the 6m station on EME on every MR/MS.
We are grateful for the support received from many individuals, clubs and companies. Support is key for the sucess of this enterprise.

In one month, the first Dits and Dots will be transmitted from T30PY/T30SIX stations.  We will always be grateful to all the help we have received so far from many individuals, clubs and companies, which contributed to this project.  Even before we accomplish our goal, we would like to thank fellow friends who have not necessarily been displayed in the sponsors section of our website, but without whom, we would never get to where we are;

In alphabetic order:

Atilano Oms, PP5EG –  Bill Smith, W9VA  –  Erwin Hubsh, PY2QI  – Felipe Ceglia, PY1NB – George Wallner, AA7JV  –   Gerben Menting, PG5M – John Manus, W1JJ  – Jacek Kubiak, SP5DRH –  Jacek Marczewski, SP5EAQ –  Jose Carlos Marques, N4IS –  Kaboterenga Romatoa, NoCall – Keetia U Yee-On, NoCall – Lance Collister, W7GJ –   Max Laconca, IK8LOV – Mamiro Yoshizawa, PY2DM – Rocky Peters, 3D2DD –  Steve Silverman, KB3SII  –  Tevita Rokobaro, 3D2TR  – Thomas Carlsson, PY2ZXU

Thanks guys

T30PY / T30SIX Team


Reference pages :  https://www.mdxc.org/04/t30py-t30six-%E2%80%93-tarawa-western-kiribati/

”                        ”      : https://www.mdxc.org/04/t30py-is-the-logo-of-the-month-in-the-ure-magazine/